Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still Remember; August 25? ^^

Ketawa pengubat lara bersama sahabat.
Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah!
Indahnya ukhwah ini ya Rahim~

To my dear sahibah,

Syukran jazillan kathiran for this beautiful day!

Syukran for the liqo' of 'Batu Seremban' plays~

Still remember?
How me & Wani was complaining about our hack nails?

Also, syukran for the liqo' of sharing informations about the whole world.
Still remember?
We were talking about the Palestine? Gaddafi? Osamaladin? Angelina Jolie?
And still remember?
We were also talking about the 'River In The Sea' and the 'Grave At Mosque Nabawi's Dome'?
May Allah bless our small talks and tighten our ukhuwwah~ ^^

Also syukran to Aida, Arifah, Wafee, Izzah & Syaa for the funny moment listening to my 'ghost-story'.
Haha that was the best part of the day, seriously!
We were laughing out of loud~
And I can still remember, how Wafee & Aida get themselves away from me because they were scared of my reactions.
Haha still remember?
Wafee ran from me and quickly hugged Syaa?
Still remember?
Aida also ran from me and quickly 'aaa,takut mira takut' with Arifah?
And Izzah was the one with a 'eh,mende erh?' blurs unknownly.

And Wan Nur Amira?
She was burst in laughing~ ^___^
MasyaAllah! What a funny moments!

But then~
Just because we were busy of our own liqo',
We didn't go to the hall as been instructed.
Then, Wafee being the one who decided to go mobilized us to go too.
So, what to do?
We did. 
We went.

Haha then, still remember that funny moments?
We were scared to go into the formal party?
The teachers were giving us 'their view of death'. 

And eventually gave us 'nasi kunyit' rather than scolding us.
Hihi so funny~ ^^

Wee, still remember?
We were sitting in a group on the floor at the back of the hall?
Cs there's no seats and people stared at us like we were blamed strangers
Haha lovely.

Then, 4 hours later.

We gathered in my class.
Shaking hands and hugging each other while greetings 'Selamat Hari Raya' and asking for an apology.
Weee~ sweet moment subhanallah!

MasyaAllah~ =)

Ya Allah!
Thanks for this lovely day You've gave to me.
Thanks for the gifts of friends in my life.
Indeed, from You we came and to You will we return~

Dear Aida, Arifah, Izzah, Syaa, Wani, Ain, Wafee, Mardhiah~ shayang awk sheme =)

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