Sunday, June 5, 2011

When Time Changes Us; The Word WE had broken into YOU and ME.

Im really losing faith with people around me.
I guess, time had really changed us a lot.
I lost the word WE that once we use to describe us.
Cause now, everything turns to be YOU is YOU and ME is ME.
Indeed, we are getting apart.
Don't you realize it?
Or is it just that im the actually one who's being away?
Well, a very big distance had occurs between us.
And don't worry,
I fully blame this on me.
As I don't know where am I in your eyes'.
Or, maybe I just don't belong to be in one of them'.
And as time changed this, Im very sure time will turn it back to its normal.
Im leaving this matter to Him.
Cause I know, He knows best.
I miss you all, the old you guys and the old us.
Im sorry, I just really miss.


  1. miraaa :'(
    asif kalau adee wat awok terasee T_T
    ni sy rasee sy dk bergune eh .